I reluctantly/eagerly/sadly/tragically stopped breast feeding 6 weeks ago. I did what the Internet and the “Baby 411” book tell you to do to your boobs and it only took about a week to feel almost normal again. But all of a sudden today as I was about to get into the shower I noticed milk leaking. I’m not about to try to start again. My baby wasn’t getting enough; he was a bit tongue tied and had trouble latching that even a frenectomy couldn’t fix. Since switching to formula he’s been thriving; gaining weight, much happier. But I was still very excited to see that milk. After my shower, I squeezed and there was more!

It’s ridiculous, but I was excited. And yes, for a split second I considered giving it another go. But I’m not going to. And even though the baby is doing well on formula and the decision was agonized over and made 6 weeks ago with the blessing of the husband and the grandparents and the pediatrician, I STILL feel a bit guilty.


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