Attachment Parenting

A friend posted the controversial Time Magazine breastfeeding cover on my Facebook and joked that she was giving me material for a rant. I still haven’t read the article so I actually don’t have much of a rant yet. I feel sort of bad for the little boy. I mean, I assume the article is going to say that the mom asked him if it was ok that he nurse her on the cover of a magazine. And that of course he’ll stop nursing when he’s ready. But kids aim to please. Is he still doing it because he really wants to or because he thinks mommy still wants to? Isn’t he supposed to want some independence? I really need to read the stupid article!

I’m interested in reading more about attachment parenting in general, even though it seems to go against everything I love about the French way.

But I’m attracted to crunchy things and if breastfeeding had worked out, I had planned to do it for at least a year. Also, I admire the actress Mayim Bialik and she makes it all sound so easy and non-judgemental. I am about to start reading her book (once I finish “Fifty Shades of Grey”- please stop laughing at me!), so I’m sure I will have something to say one of these days.


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