I Read The Damn Time Article

I didn’t think it was a great article at all. I appreciated the sidebar about Dr. Sears’ ideas vs. science. I had never even heard of that bullshit about letting your baby cry causing brain damage. That’s just stupid. If that’s true, then everyone over 45 must have brain damage, right? And everyone in France?

Funny, I assumed the lady from the cover would be in the article more and that it would deal with her decision to expose her son to so much attention. And that wasn’t mentioned at all.

I try not to be too annoyed about it because it really bothers me that people are so disgusted by breastfeeding. The vitriol aimed at that picture is misguided. Don’t be sickened by that lady because she’s breastfeeding an almost-4 year old. Be sickened by her because she’s doing it on the cover of a magazine, when he has no say in the matter.

Of course, we’re all missing the point, right? We shouldn’t be sickened at all. If breastfeeding is beautiful and natural, then there should be nothing to be ashamed of and therefore nothing for the kid to be embarrassed about when he’s 8 or 10 or 12.

I still want to read Mayim Bialik’s book even though I think Dr. Sears is batshit. He was on some tv show saying he’s never heard of a kid who was attachment parented become a bully. I say, really? Is he 100% sure of that? What about insufferable narcissists? All the kids who can’t hear the word “no”, whose every whims are catered to? Right.

I think I understand the underlying idea behind all of this; that the constant bonding and constant attention is supposed to magically make babies turn into well-adjusted children. Is that it? But I still think it’s more important to teach self-sufficiency. I don’t know, I want to read more.

I guess my friend thought I would have a rant because she thought it was all Suffering Contest? But it’s not. It’s a selflessness contest. Because these attachment parenting ladies aren’t suffering! They are sacrificing themselves and exalting in it. I refuse to do that. And there you go.


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