Waiting For Teething

I’ve been saying I suspect my baby is teething since he was maybe 2 1/2 months old. It’s ridiculous. He likes to suck on his hands and sometimes he cries, so he must be teething, right?

I asked the doctor at our 3 month visit and he managed to keep a straight face while telling me it usually happens at around 6 months.

But the book says that symptoms can show up to 2 months before!

In the last week or so, baby has started to grab at things and put them in his mouth. Things we shake in front of him and tell him to grab, of course.

The other night as baby was trying to shove all of Sophie le Girafe’s ass into his mouth, I declared to my husband, “I think we’re getting a tooth sooner rather than later.”

Of course the real reason I keep wondering is because I’m terrified my reasonably chill baby is going to be a tortured mess when he’s teething.
The book says even babies who have been sleeping through the night may start to have screaming wake-ups!

Ugh. Tonight my husband stared, totally flabbergasted as baby tried to shove his entire forearm into his mouth while screeching, kicking, and holding Sophie with the other hand. He kept staring as baby grasped the rattle out of my hand and rubbed it frantically against his top gums.

This should be interesting.


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