Less Lazy Green Housewifery

I have been pleasantly proactive as of late and I feel good.

– I finally got a worm compost and put it together all by myself. It’s only been a few days so it’s too soon to start regularly adding stuff to it, but the worms are in there and they look like they’ve started on the first 2 handfuls of scraps.

– I took the hangers off some baby clothes that I was buying and left them with the cashier for the store to reuse. Then I collected other hangers I had lying around at home so I can bring them back to their respective stores.

– I emailed Trader Joes to complain about the excessive amounts of packaging they use in their produce section and asked them if they plan to carry any milk in returnable glass bottles.

– I’ve started shopping at Whole Foods again and remembered to bring my bags for loose produce and bulk dry goods.

– I emailed my town’s recycling department to ask if they had started to finally accept board box and if they planned to accept #4, 5 and 6 plastics.

– I was offered a free reusable water bottle at the movies the other day and I refused it because I already have a few good ones that I love (the Klean Kanteen insulated stainless steel bottles).

A rep from Trader Joes emailed me back a very polite response that didn’t really say too much of anything. We value our customer’s input, blah blah.

A rep from my town’s recycling department got back to me to confirm that they are in fact finally accepting box board (including toilet paper rolls) but that they aren’t doing anything about the other plastics.

So it looks like I’m going to make an effort to do all of my grocery shopping at one place, because at Whole Foods I drop off my #5 plastic and get whatever bulk items I need, plus milk in returnable glass bottles.

I just need to always try to reuse any #4 plastic I have. I also want to try to find reputable drop off places for the #4 stuff, as well as the #6 plastic, like store hangers.

And I still plan to make more of an effort to find farmers markets in my area that offer organic produce. Baby will be starting solids sometime in the next 2 months or so, and I want him on organic food.


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