Inspiration? Meh.

I want to write more, but I’ve been sort of busy and just wasn’t that inspired this week.

I made some nice dinners that I was proud of.

I’m pretty sure baby is now definitely teething. He is still sleeping very well, but when he’s awake he chews on his arm,  Sophie le Girafe, and anything else I give him with alarming ferocity and buckets of drool.

We finally got some patio furniture and a gazebo tent, so I’ve enjoyed sitting outside a bit. Baby also enjoys sitting out in  his little rocking chair. Consequently, I have some great mosquito bites to scratch.

I decided to attempt to keep some herbs alive again, so I got some abandoned planters from the furnace/storage room and planted some herbs in them outside. We’ll see how long it takes for them to die a sad death.

It’s hot where we live.

Baby can sit up on his own for a split second and he laughs when I stand him up and make him bear weight on his legs.

I will write more soon.


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