More Fun With Diaper Bags

The other day my new diaper bag arrived, the Ju Ju Be “Be Spicy.” I was a little too excited. After feeding baby and putting him down on his activity mat to roll around and laugh at himself in the mirror, I ripped it out of the box, sat down on the floor near baby and gleefully started transferring everything from my ripped Skip Hop messenger bag into the new one.

And of course it didn’t all fit comfortably and I couldn’t squeeze things into the open outer pockets. But I loved the fabric! And the quality of the bag! And the pockets!

I continued to look at Ju Ju Be diaper bag videos obsessively online and settled on either the Ju Ju Be “Be Prepared” or the “BFF.” Two days ago, baby was very fussy in the afternoon, so when my husband got home I escaped to the baby store by myself, just to see in person if the “Be Prepared” was too big. It didn’t seem as big as it did in all the videos and the BFF seemed tiny in comparison, so I bought it. Baby was already in bed when I got home, so once again, I gleefully transferred bag contents and started trying to carry it around the house. Everything fit, but I worried it looked too much like a carry-on bag. I took it out to “Mommy and Me” class the next day and took a good look at the bags strewn around the room. My bag looked ridiculous. (Is that part of the problem? Do I come across as a crazy bag lady?) I noticed one of the ladies had the “BFF” so I asked her about it. She proudly showed me all the stuff she had in it and how much room was left. I decided once again to resign myself to carrying a purse and get the “BFF” that very night.

So I did and I like it. Everything I need for a day’s outing fits easily and there is room for more things like books and toys. Not that I plan to drag a million toys with me when he’s bigger (in accordance with my obsession with the principles in “Bringing Up Bebe”), but I think maybe one toy and one book are reasonable. I like that the backpack straps are comfortable and easy to sling over my shoulder. As soon as baby is big enough, I will think about letting him carry his own little bag with a toy and a book. I also got the “Be Quick” wristlet thing to hold diapers, wipes and ointments. And I might get another one in a different print to hold just my purse essentials. Yes, I realize that the “Be Quick” is just a little zippered pouch like a makeup case and I probably already have several similar items already and the Zero Waste Lady would disapprove. But I deserve a nice pouch for diapers that is made of good quality fabric and matches my bag, dammit. And so far I’m thrilled I ordered cheap stroller straps instead of shelling out another $24.99 for the Ju Ju Be stroller straps that didn’t come with the bag. The cheap ones are similar in design to the stroller straps I loved do much about the Skip Hop bags and I found the Ju Ju Be ones are difficult to open and close.

I managed to completely resolve the bag situation in one morning when I dropped off the damaged Skip Hop and too-small Ju Ju Be at mailing centers for return, AND went back to the baby store to return the too-big “Be Prepared.” Now I’m a little bit afraid that baby store is going to ban me from their premises and I REALLY need to find something else to obsess over. The kitchen renovation we really need to get started on? The status of my worms?


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