Today’s Exciting Roundup of Human Contact

Besides baby, of course. Phone calls sort of count because at least it was a conversation. Texts and Facebook “likes” and comments don’t count. I only got one text today anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

7:20am – 7:30 am

Saw Husband after I got up to feed baby and before he left for work. “Did you change him?”…”I’m leaving now!”…”Bye!”…”Mwah!”

9:15am – 9:30am

Guy from exterminating company came over to have me sign the paperwork and schedule a time for them to KILL ALL THE DISGUSTING BUGS. Friendly guy, 2nd visit to the house, so some baby-related chitchat. When his youngest was a baby, their baby monitor picked up all their neighbor’s phone calls! Neighbor was in an open relationship, so the phone calls were rather interesting! Thanks, guy from exterminating company!

9:35am – 9:40am

AIM with Husband to update him on extermination situation.

2:20pm – 2:21pm

Lady from USPS Consumer Protection Department. This was on the phone, so it doesn’t really count. And it was a wrong number because the USPS customer service agent gave me the number for the wrong district. And, funny story! I didn’t realize at first that I was calling another department of the USPS, (I thought it was some separate consumer protection office), so when she told me it was the wrong number I said “wow, another USPS employee had demonstrated incompetence” and the lady got all rude and hung up on me.

2:30pm – 2:40pm

Another lady on the phone from the USPS Consumer Protection Department. She helped clarify some of the issues I’ve had in trying to stop junk mail and all the mail for people who don’t live here anymore.

3:45pm – 3:48pm

Cashier at Babies R Us.

5:35pm – 5:35pm

60-something-year old man in line in front of me at Trader Joes offered to let me go ahead of him. A rare gentleman!

5:40pm – 5:44pm

Cashier at Trader Joes.

6:34pm – 6:45pm

Phone call with prospective dog trainer to schedule consultation to see what can be done about our mess of a dog.


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