6 Months Old

As 5 days ago we have a tooth.

We’ve been waiting for it a long time: I would say 2 solid months of VERY obvious teething symptoms, plus a month of less-obvious teething symptoms. It wasn’t the nightmare I had been promised.

Baby has been a bit fussy, sure. He seems like he’s in pain sometimes, sure. He chews on his fingers (and everything else he can get his hands on) rather desperately. Though his typical fecal pattern is to get backed up for a few days and require us to give him prune juice in his formula, he’s had some diarrhea in the past week. And the non-diarrhea poos were more frequent.

On what turned out to be Tooth Night he cried twice. Each time for about 1-2 minutes! And then he went back to sleep.

Did I mention that my baby is the best? Napping during the day is another story. Tooth #2 is giving me many tearful, scream-y afternoons. But I know I definitely have nothing to complain about yet.

So anyway, 6 months old. Half a year. A year ago we were telling people. A year ago I was almost exclusively in maternity pants. Now I am EXCLUSIVELY in pants one size bigger than all my old pants.

17 lbs 10 oz, 26 1/2 inches of smiling, laughing, tooth-having deliciousness that I made with my body.

He’s kind of, sort of sitting up on his own. Briefly. He’s trying to creep on his tummy but he can’t push his arms all the way up. He is starting to get his knees under his body. Sometimes he gets very fussy this way and I assume he’s frustrated because he wants to move but he can’t. Somehow, he is still able to do a full 360 in place and can somehow still travel all over his foam play mat even though he can’t actually creep or crawl. He still loves kicking more than anything. He was so kicky and hyper-overtired at the doctor’s office that he completely destroyed the paper cover on the examination table. I think he kept doing it because he liked the crinkly sound. Cause and effect toys! I need more cause and effect toys!

A few weeks ago he looked up at my husband and said “dada.” The book says they’re not supposed to know what that means for a few months and I’m doing my very best to not be a bragging asshole who thinks my kid is the greatest genius of all time. Besides, he also says “mama”, “baba” and “caca”, so there’s no need for bragging. I’m trying to figure out if there’s any connection to these new sounds and any of his needs. He does seem to yell say “mama” over and over if he’s hungry.

I can remember putting him on his activity mat and being excited when he reacted to the mobile AT ALL. Now, he grabs the mobile and bangs it around! I can remember being excited when he was able to hold Sophie la Girafe. Now, he bangs her on his legs to make the squeaky noises.

A few months ago, one of the discussions at a mommy and baby class was about toys; your baby’s favorite toy, etc. I made an annoying and pretentious comment about how it’s very important to me that my baby not have too many toys, that he not rely on too many bells and whistles for amusement. Now that baby is grabbing everything and reaching for things and banging stuff around, I WANT TO BUY ALLLLLL THE TOYS. I want to see what he does with all the toys in the world. As long as the sounds aren’t too headache-inducing.

Before his 6 month check-up I played with baby to try out some milestones so I would know how to answer the doctor’s questions. I wanted to see if he would look for a toy if it was hidden. I tried out every shaky, squeaky, crunchy sounding, bright-coloured toy I had within reach. I put them under my shirt, I put them behind him, I put them under a blanket in front of him. He glanced at where I hid the toys and look back up at me without much fanfare. If he could shrug, he’d have shrugged. And rolled his eyes.

The one thing he looked for? The one toy he craned his neck, twisted his torso and followed across the room? A beach ball.

So here’s me after 11 hours of fairly solitary motherhood: “BALL? You want BALL? Buh buh BALL? Here’s BALL! Take the buh buh BALL!”

Blank stare. Side eye. Crickets.

All in due time. All in due time. But I guess now I might have to learn something about some sports?


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