It’s Been A Long Time

And since my last post, I started and abandoned two drafts of new posts.

We’ve been busy.

But right now, right this second I am sprawled on my bed with my jacket and scarf and boots on, listening to baby babbling like crazy on the monitor, debating whether or not I should brave a trip to Target now or try to let baby nap.

Right now, right this second, it is almost 3:00pm and I have been on the brink of making that trip to Target since around 12:00pm, when I tried to feed baby and he refused.

Today has not been a good day.

I know if we go out now he will have a catnap in the car when he really needs a proper nap right now. And a catnap in the car can be fine on a regular day, but today has not been a regular day.

I know he’s tired: he played hard since about 12:30 when I gave up trying to feed him. He played with his new xylophone in his high chair, he played with his workbench in his playroom, he creeped (yes! he does that now!) out of his playroom all the way into the kitchen, he played up in his room again, creeping over to Lion and Bear, and getting really frustrated when he forgot how to go from sitting up to lying on his tummy.

He just got a little quiet. I am going to take my boots and jacket and scarf off. I am going to get a little dish of ice cream and lie in bed and read.

As soon as I finished typing the above sentence he started babbling loud again. But I’m still going to do it. I have hope that this nap is going to happen. I will set my clock for 20 min from now and he will be asleep! And I will lie down! I will!


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