This Is What I Tried To Write On October 24th

Things have been busy.

We had a kitchen renovation that went relatively smoothly, so I didn’t get inspired to write any major complaints or rants, or musings on the beauty of quartz and glass mosaic tile.

I’ve been consumed with making thoughtful, reasoned, ignored comments on people’s political posts on Facebook, then getting upset at the apathy and evil.

And, of course, we were all sick.

This week! We were all sick as DOGS.

Baby started on Monday morning with a few diarrhea diapers: epic, stinky, seeping into the jammies. The second diaper was so incredibly stinky that I got paranoid. I looked up everything about worrisome poops in the godforsaken book and it said something about how really stinky poops could be “malabsorption.” Then, at some point I experienced the difference between spit-up and vomit- something I had always been concerned I wasn’t differentiating.

Since it was a weekday morning and babies are apparently only supposed to ever get sick at 3:00am Saturday or Sunday, I decided to go ahead and go to the pediatrician. Naturally, baby kept everything well-contained in all orifices at the doctor’s office. He happily sat up on the examination table trying to rip the lucite measuring stick off the wall until the doctor touched him, and he immediately started screaming, giving me a look that plainly asked, “WHYYYYY?”

The verdict? Stomach virus, very common, give him Pedialyte a little bit at a time, then mix it with formula, he should be fine by tomorrow, it could linger for 2 weeks, you can get a formula for the diarrhea if you want, fine, we’re good.

And sure enough, baby was fine by the next day. My husband and I, unfortunately, were not. We were up that whole night vomiting and pooping.

I knew I must’ve been better when I dragged myself out of bed the morning after throwing up all night to change a diarrhea diaper and I not only didn’t throw up again, I managed to keep it together for an entire day of motherhood while my husband suffered on the couch, not able to keep any liquids down. After a morning of this, we decided I would drive him to the hospital. I drove 2 blocks and felt dizzy, so I drove back home and he went to ask our neighbor for a ride. While he was knocking on our neighbor’s door, baby (who had been better!) threw up all over me and our lawn. Finally, my husband took a cab to the hospital where he received 2 bags of IV fluids, a prescription for anti-nausea meds, and a doctor’s note excusing him from work for the rest of the week. Luckily I was able to get a friend to drop off extra toilet paper, ginger ale and crackers, because that was a long 5 hours all alone, suffering dizzy spells and caring for a sick baby.

Baby would seem fine for a few hours and then either have a bad poop or barf again for a few days. On Saturday we couldn’t take being cooped up anymore and baby had been keeping everything in, so we ventured out for some shopping. Baby barfed all over himself in the parking lot. He wasn’t upset or fussy and we were determined to not go back home defeated, so we cleaned him up and changed him in the back of the car, wiped down the stroller as best we could and soldiered on. We switched formulas a few times and I made a few more panicked calls to the receptionist at our pediatrician’s office. Fortunately, by the beginning of the following week, everybody was better and baby was ravenously, frantically hungry!

And that’s what I tried to write on October 24th!



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