“Oopsie!” (A teeny, tiny little bit of ranting on current events)

Part I:

So here’s an extraordinary story: A 5 year old boy in Kentucky (cue everyone in Florida, Mississippi and Arizona heaving a sighs of relief) accidentally shot his 2 year old sister with his own real rifle that was not a toy but a real, genuine, kills-people-kind-of-gun that was his and is made for an marketed to children. OOPSIE! This really happened. I’m not making this up.

Even more infuriating than the fact that this happened? That the coroner said it was “Just one of those crazy accidents.”

Um, no it wasn’t. 20 years of “Law and Order” reruns have taught me that manslaughter is “reckless disregard for human life.” Giving your 5 year old a rifle? Leaving that rifle loaded in the living room? And until today I was blissfully unaware that there are REAL GUNS manufactured and marketed to children.

I just poked around the child-rifle-making company’s website and they only make single shot rifles, so no automatics or semi-automatics. And now I’m all “glass half full” because, hey! They’re making rifles for children, but at least they aren’t making guns that are specifically designed to kill as many people as possible? So….yay?

It’s too much to try to rant about, really.

Part II:

This was last week but it keeps crossing my mind, so I thought I’d try to exorcise it from my brain. A state senator in Oklahoma used the phrase “Jew down the price” on the floor in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Lots of people already wrote about it so I don’t have much to add. I just can’t get over the fact that he really had no idea you’re not supposed to say stuff like that. That phrase was so deeply embedded in his vernacular that it just came right out without even the slightest whiff of a second thought. And his apology really sucks.

It’s sad how this country terrifies me.


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