IT IS HERE. My obsession is (temporarily, of course- I mean, who am I kidding?), over.

As of today, Baby has been a functional walker for a week.


And here he is. Walking almost into a forest.

He took a few steps July 3rd but didn’t do too much more for a few weeks. He would walk across the kitchen here and there, but he still couldn’t stand up without holding onto something, and I figured that was what he was waiting for. (Hint: I WAS RIGHT.)

Last Monday I took him to our local library where he toddled around an impressive amount due to the Perfect Storm of Furniture Placement in the toddler area: the tables and bookcases were all far enough apart that he could really walk around, but close enough so that he made it to the next piece of furniture before he needed to fall back down.

That was last Monday and I was thrilled. Tuesday we went to the beach and he didn’t try anything exciting other than eat a remarkable amount of sand.

But last Wednesday in Music class (with a couple of 2 and 3 year olds to look up to and chase around), he FINALLY figured out how to get back UP in the middle of a room, without holding on to something. (He uses a technique we call the “downward dog” which he has been trying to perfect for about 6 months.) Then he proceeded to walk and walk and walk and walk. And fall down and get up and laugh and walk some more.

Then we came home and he has been walking around, laughing and carrying objects around with him nonstop. Containers of Play Doh, stuffed elephant, Curious George, stuffed caterpillar that he calls “Fwee”, stuffed lion, toy wooden pot and spoon, snack cup, his shoes, Daddy’s shirt, our dishtowels, another kid’s monkey, AND SO ON.

Here he is walking around the dining room while carrying some Play Doh (yes, I know our table is a SHIT SHOW- I’m bad at cleaning, OK?)

And here he is carrying Elephant and Curious George.

So now that I can’t obsess over him not walking, I am obsessing over how ADORABLY HAPPY he is to finally be doing it.


Adorably happy walking around with book.


Adorably happy walking around park toward older girls at the swings.

It’s ridiculous. Anyone who knows us will confirm that my son was already adorably happy just about all the time.

But, after all of my worrying and obsessing and anticipation and watching him crawl on concrete and hurt his hands on the hot, rubbery playground floor….

This walking stuff is like a new beginning of LIFE. Sure, I’ve already had to chase him around a bit. As you saw above, I had to go grab him before he wandered into the WOODS when we were out at a picnic. But I am so excited about all the fun stuff we can do now and I am so excited for how happy and proud is he to finally be rolling with the big kids.



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