More Thoughts on Transitioning to a Toddler Bed (Update)

Shortly after I wrote the previous post, my boy came down with some sort of mild stomach/fever virus. He was sort of like himself, but exhausted, with little appetite and just a tiny bit of diarrhea.

That week he napped like a perfect little angel. Like, climbing right into the bed and lying down in snuggly sleep position before I even finished “Twinkle Twinkle.” Falling asleep almost immediately. And doing the same thing at bedtime.

On the 4th day he must’ve felt better because he didn’t nap. But he also played very nicely and quietly in his room for almost 2 whole hours without taking everything off his bookcase or trying to climb his dresser.

And now he’s back to averaging 5/7 days. And when he plays with the very few little toys we left in the room, he brings them into his bed and leaves them there as he falls asleep. He doesn’t always nap at daycare, but when he’s at home he will gladly go upstairs when we say it’s naptime. At bedtime, he could be running back and forth across his bedroom like a madman but when we turn out the lights, he jumps into bed like magic and happily flops onto his belly. But I’m not putting the diaper pail or hamper back into his room anytime soon.



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